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Going Back to Our Roots
At the Bottom of our home page is our header image from 1995, when was launched as a venue for real estate, exotic vehicles, specialty products and self-published authors. Back then we relied on imagination, hand-crafted design and, most important, personal interaction to do our jobs. We knew users' and visitors' names and personalities, they knew ours, and we had fun in the process.

Today things are different. Web-based businesses have eliminated human interaction and transferred their work to you, claiming you are the winner.

"What the Web is meant to be" was a bold thing for us to say about ourselves when the Web was new. A child with a name rooted in destiny won't necessarily grow into it; only life experience determines that. CyberValley is now an adult and experience taught us:

No computer is more powerful than the human brain. No application more capable than the human mind. Smart programs are unnecessary when smarter human processes manage tasks.

We look forward to knowing your name and personality, as we leverage technology and processes to reduce our workload, and yours.

Our Mission
To Create Environments That Bring Out the Best in People who work with us, for us, or buy from us. To never enrich ourselves at their expense or to their detriment. To pursue creative endeavors that advance us individually and collectively.

Our Character
We Reject Profit For The Sake Of Profit; Growth For The Sake Of Growth. Upon reaching a predetermined size our growth stops and our focus shifts to improving the quality of what we sell, the efficiency of how we sell it, and to enhancing life in the communities we serve.

How We Operate
With Reciprocal Trust and Honor. Our Sellers and Buyers trust us to honor the promises and commitments we make to them, and we will not disappoint.

4000 Legato Road, Suite 1100
Fairfax, VA 22033   USA
Tel:  703-348-0681
Contact Person: Eric Silver
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