Our Origins
How and why we came to be.

Our Mission and Character
Where we are going and why we will get there.

CyberValley Coupons
Works like Groupon except: No cost to merchants.

Cash-Back Rebates
At 20% cash-back on things you buy every day, CyberValley Rebates are the largest offered.

CyberValley Dollars ("CyberDollars") are electronic currency created to facilitate commerce between CyberValley members.

Ad Revenue Sharing
If you are a non-business Profile member and an ad is placed on your Article or Tracker pages, 50% of the money the advertiser pays us is yours. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Privacy Policy
We protect your private data by never collecting or storing your personal information on our website. Your CyberValley Agent will collect any required personal data by hand, after which it is manually transfered to internal systems that are not connected to the Internet.

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