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Whether your goal is revenue, enjoyment, or both, self-promotion is difficult because your attachment to the outcome gets in the way -- compromising your objectivity and subjecting you to undue scrutiny. That is not an obstacle when we do it for you.

Demonstrating your unique expertise is the smartest way for you to attract customers. Giving them what they want, when they want it, how they want it is the best way to keep them. How you do that is at the core of how we promote your business to potential customers or clients. We do it mostly in-person because it is impossible to effectively get the audience and attention you desire without human interaction. There Are No Shortcuts. There is No App for That.

Before praying for rain, be sure to have:
Large-enough buckets to catch it in.
Robust piping to channel it.
Refined filters to purify it.

Before attempting to deliver new customers/clients, we examine your existing capacities: The methods and tools you currently use to engage and service your current clientele; and how effective they are. Where technical enhancements are essential or recommended, we can add them, usually without changing your current operational procedures.

Our Ultimate Goal is to Become
Unnecessary to You

It does not benefit us, or you, to create unnatural dependencies or needlessly long relationships. When a specific need is satisfied, we are happy to conclude it. If yours is a new business that we are promoting and/or developing processes and tools for, we want to see you manage those same functions on your own, without our help. Therefore, we make it as simple and cost effective as possible for you to do so.

Our Clients

Historically, our client base comes from two polarities:

A.) Small and, especially, One-Person businesses with no time to market effectively while managing day-to-day operations; or requiring robust technical solutions at affordable costs.

B.) Large corporate or government enterprises, or units thereof, requiring effective, maneuverable, marketing and technical expertise that their bulk does not permit on a small scale.

Our Audience

CyberValley visitors are predominantly female and focused on food, style, fashion, health, finance, real estate and home-related topics, automotive and entertainment.

Note: Below are general principles. Actual solutions and methods for your specific needs will be shared when we speak with you, and will not deviate from the below parameters.

Marketing Solutions

Person to Person Marketing
Individualized introductions and publicity for high-involvement business and personal products and services.

Mass Marketing
Mass/social media publicity and facilitated engagement for low-involvement business and personal products and services.

Technical Solutions

Technical solutions revolve around:
  1. Automation of Manual Processes
  2. Streamlining Automated Processes
Client-Homed Applications
For large businesses and organizations, or departments thereof, requiring full ownership/management of application and data infrastructure. These can include, but are not limited to, database-driven websites; web API integration; document conversion (paper/PDf/other to HTML); legacy data migration.

Hosted Applications
For small businesses and organizations desiring enterprise-level solutions at small business costs. Applications are built and hosted at CyberValley, with associated data transmitted to client's own database on their web server or network.


Pricing depends on the nature and duration of service(s) provided:
  1. Flat Rate Projects
  2. Recurring Services (Monthly)
  3. Time Trade (Recurring or One-Time)
Flat rate technical project pricing can range from $400 to $4,000, averages $1,700 and rarely exceeds $9,000. Baseline recurring pricing for blended marketing/technical services is $150 to $300/month. Time Trades let you pay us with your professional time/services, instead of money.

Ask Us

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How We Got Started

CyberValley is today what it essentially began as in 1995. The difference is the back-end databases, transaction processing systems, and content management tools that we built over the years to enable us to deliver high value, both quickly and at low cost.

At the Bottom of this Page is our header image from 1995, when Cyber-Valley.com was launched as a venue for real estate, exotic vehicles, specialty products and self-published authors.

Back then we relied on imagination, hand-crafted design and, most important, personal interaction to do our jobs. We knew users' and visitors' names and personalities, they knew ours, and we had fun in the process.

"What the Web is meant to be" was a very bold statement about ourselves when the Web was new. A child with a name rooted in destiny won't necessarily grow into it; only life experience determines that. CyberValley is now an adult and experience taught us:

No computer is more powerful than the human brain. No application is more capable than the human mind. Smart programs are unnecessary when smarter human processes manage tasks.

We look forward to knowing your name and personality, as we leverage technology and processes to reduce our workload, and yours.

More Info

Our Mission and Character
Where we are going and why we will get there.

CyberValley Coupons
Works like Groupon except: No cost to merchants.

Cash-Back Rebates
At 20% cash-back on things you buy every day, CyberValley Rebates are the largest offered.

CyberValley Dollars ("CyberDollars") are electronic currency created to facilitate commerce between CyberValley members.

Ad Revenue Sharing
If you are a non-business Profile member and an ad is placed on your Article or Tracker pages, 50% of the money the advertiser pays us is yours. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Privacy Policy
We protect your private data by never collecting or storing your personal information on our website. Your CyberValley Agent will collect any required personal data by hand, after which it is manually transfered to internal systems that are not connected to the Internet.

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