Save 50% or more on Special Deals. No cost to sellers. Replaces Groupon, Living Social, ValPak, and other coupon services.

1. See an offer you want and click/tap to get it.
2. At checkout, have merchant scan your Coupon Code or you can confirm it online later.
3. You do not need to join CyberValley to use Coupons.

The superiority of CyberValley Coupons is self-evident:

CyberValley Coupons
Us vs Them
Us Them
  Coupon Discount: Up to 50% or More
  No Cost To Merchants
  No Buyer Registration Required
  Real-Time Access To Coupon Activity
  Merchant Controls the Promotion
  The Financials Make Sense
You sell a $50 product for $25.
You Keep $25.
That Makes Perfect Sense.

You sell a $50 product for $25.
You give $12.50 of that to Them.
They Win. You Lose.
That Makes No Sense.

The Winner:

How do we make money on this? We Don’t.
This service is a free courtesy for CyberValley members and visitors. Enjoy!

Cash-Back Rebates
Earn 20% cash-back on things you buy every day:

1. See an offer you want and claim it.
2. At checkout, have the merchant scan your Rebate Code, or can confirm it online later.
3. Upon confirmation, CyberDollars in the amount of Rebate are credited to your account.

Rebates are very limited and go fast, so you must act quickly when you see one you want!

•   No price discounting. No revenue sharing. Keep all that you earn.
•   Health Care Providers: Offer Rebates and still submit usual and customary charges to insurers.
Contact your Agent for details.

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