Ad Revenue Sharing

If you are a non-business member and one or more sponsors advertise on your Profile and/or Tracker pages, 50% of the advertising money is yours. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Just create interesting and useful content in your Profile and Tracker and share it with your social media. We will promote your content to potential advertisers -- or they will discover it themselves.

Should they ask to advertise on your Profile or Trackers:

✓ Ad is purchased
✓ You get 50% of revenue

If possible, form Self-Managed Communities with other members to increase the size and diversity of your audience, and maximize your appeal to potential advertisers.

For example, Sarah and her friends love style and fashion. Sarah focuses on jewelry; Isabel likes shoes; Tracey loves makeup, and so on. Each has her own Profile and Tracker(s) at CyberValley and decide to leverage their talents by becoming a self-managed community. Although they continue to operate independently, collaborating together when opportunities present themselves, we present them as a single entity to advertisers.

Make your community the best it can be, in content and character. Be friendly, fair and civil with the public and, especially, each other.

We can discuss this further after you join. Contact Us for details.

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